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“Zareou Gloves is bringing so important Nitrile Gloves to the medical industry, labs, hospitals and other health and safety related organisations”


We manufacture our own gloves. Zareou Manufacturing gloves are of high standards, FDA and Chemore rated.

About our gloves

Zareou Nitrile Gloves are durable and
comfortable with increased chemical splash
protection. Textured fingers provide a secure and
reliable grip making the gloves ideal for a wide
range of applications.

Best Quality Gloves

Zareou Gloves are manufactured under strict International Standards

Best Practices

Dry hands before putting the gloves on. Before usage, inspect the gloves for
any defect or imperfections. Use at least 1 pair of gloves per patient and
procedure. Do not let chemical substances get under the gloves through the
cuff. If a chemical substance reaches the skin, wash it away immediately
with soap and water. If the gloves get punctured, torn or broken during use,
take them off and put on new gloves. Protect against any sharp tools. The
gloves are not intended for welding, electric shock protection, 

ionizing radiation or from the effect of hot or cold objects
The chemical penetration resistance has been assessed under laboratory
conditions from samples taken from the palm only (except in case where
glove is equal to or over 400 mm —where the cuff is tested also) and relates
only to the chemical tested and to the tested specimen. It can be different if
the chemical is used in a mixture